Covid Red Alert Does Not Affect Dental Clinics

While the Montreal metropolitan area has been upgraded to red alert, dental clinics — including Pur Dental Center — remain open.

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We are open.

Because the government has upgraded the Montreal metropolitan area to red alert, we at Pur would like to take this opportunity to clarify what this means for our clinic as well as all other clinics in the affected regions.

Dental centers are not listed as businesses that must close as a result of the upgrade to red alert, as there have been no reported COVID-19 transmission cases traced back to clinics. Therefore, dental clinics remain open. 

In regards to Pur in particular, our team has been vigilant and proactive in its implementation of strict protocols. Here are the key elements that characterize our clinic’s response to the pandemic:

  • HEPA filters in each room
  • At-source suctions that also have HEPA filters (These machines are above and beyond our requirements, providing a means of catching and filtering out any aerosols produced right at the source. See the attached picture.)
  • Reduction of number of patients allowed in the clinic at one time
  • Wait time between patients to ensure that all airborne particles have been filtered or dropped to the ground
  • Fit-tested N95, KN95, surgical masks depending on procedures 
  • Gowns, face shields, and protective eyewear
  • Patient screenings featuring questionnaire and temperature check
  • 2% hydrogen peroxide rinses for all patients
  • Plexi glass in reception areas
  • Masks worn by staff at all times, even outside of clinical situations
  • Masks worn by patients at all times until clinical work must be performed
  • Patient escorts not allowed outside of exceptional situations

hepa filter suction

Given these measures, entering a clinic is essentially safer than going to a grocery store. Transparency is incredibly important to the entire Pur team, as are the health and safety of our staff and patients. If you have any questions about our protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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