Thanksgiving Dental Tips

thanksgiving meal

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To keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy, here are some things to keep in mind for your Thanksgiving meal.

Appetizer Options


Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium and caseins, both of which contribute to strengthening and protecting tooth enamel.


Raw veggies are rich in fiber, stimulating the flow of saliva to decrease your mouth’s level of acidity and wash away food particles. 

Go for some carrots, celery, and broccoli!

What About Turkey?

Turkey contains phosphorus, which combines calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones and teeth. Be careful, though– turkey can easily get stuck between the teeth, so keep a glass of water handy and make sure to floss after your meal! For sides, go for sweet potatoes, which contain plenty of vitamin A, an important nutrient in keeping your gums healthy.

What Should I Limit?

Starchy and sugary foods tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to tooth decay and cavities, so it’s best to enjoy things like canned cranberry sauce and bread-based stuffing in moderation. 

And For Dessert?

Unlike other more sugary desserts, pumpkin pie can actually benefit your oral health! In addition to vitamin C, which helps your mouth fight off infections, pumpkin pie is filled with enamel-strengthening calcium and magnesium. Pumpkin also contains zinc, which helps heal wounds inside the mouth, as well as vitamin A, which increases saliva flow.

Homemade > Canned

Whether it’s yams or cranberry sauce, the canned variety tends to be loaded with excess sugar and preservatives. Homemade is the way to go!

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