Replacing All Your Teeth With All-on-Implants

all on implants prosthesis example

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For patients who require most/all of their teeth to be replaced, the All-on-Implants treatment concept offers complete dental rehabilitation. With All-on-Implants, a full prosthetic arch of teeth can be supported on as few as 4 implants, which ensures that your new teeth are permanently fixed in place.

Replicating the look and feel of natural teeth, All-on-Implants is a single-day procedure with a short recovery period, and can be truly transformative in how it offers the ease and comfort of worry-free chewing and speaking.

This treatment is ideal for patients with an already diminished jawbone; because the two posterior implants are tilted inward at a 15 to 45 degree angle, there is often no need for bone grafting. While conventional treatment plans such as removable dentures cannot prevent further bone deterioration, the All-on-Implants procedure helps maintain jaw health/shape by effectively stimulating the bone and revitalizing bite strength.

Curious about All-on-Implants? Visit Pur’s sister site, Teeth 4 Teeth.

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