Tooth Tips | No Snacks Between Brushing and Bedtime!

Avoid snacking after brushing your teeth at night. Don’t let bacteria thrive while you sleep!

woman sleeping while tooth attacked by bacteria


Everyone knows that brushing twice a day is at the heart of our dental health, but the number of times we brush is only half the story; the timing is equally vital in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

When you brush your teeth at night, make sure you don’t eat or drink anything afterward (except water!).

Otherwise, you’ll give bacteria ample time to feed off food particles, which produces tooth-attacking acids that can cause cavities. While saliva production helps protect your teeth from these acids during the day, your body produces much less saliva during sleep, making your mouth dry and putting you at an even greater risk of developing cavities.

Brushing and flossing before going to sleep — with no snacking in between — is the best way to keep harmful bacterial organisms from thriving.

And remember, the same bacteria that leads to decay also produces foul odours, and morning breath is no joke!

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