Bringing Your Kids to the Dentist

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First dental visit

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that parents bring their children to the dentist around the time their very first tooth appears in order to assess their oral health and catch potential issues early on. This also helps establish a sense of normalcy; a visit to the dentist ought to be a positive experience for your child, and early exposure to a warm, friendly clinic environment is extremely valuable. Additionally, dentists can explain to parents how to properly care for their children’s teeth, which requires a particularly gentle touch during the early years.

Preparing your child for their appointment

To make the dental checkup experience is as easy-going as possible, prevention is key. Keep an eye on your kids’ dental hygiene habits and don’t forget to take them for regular cleanings twice a year! While proper preventative care reduces the chances of your child requiring serious dental work, problems can still arise, and even kids with a healthy rapport with their dentist might become nervous at the prospect of a filling or other procedure.

It might be tempting to be vague and evasive when describing the process to your child, but it’s important to be open and honest about what they’ll likely be going through, using positive language and reaffirming the benefits of the experience– like having healthy gums and teeth!

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14 thoughts on “Bringing Your Kids to the Dentist”

  1. I don’t have kids currently, but definitely will consider this the next time I have to bring my niece/nephew! Great article

  2. Là est le problème
    Les parents croient que ce n’est pas important car ce sont des dents de bébé
    Les habitudes des enfants se prennent en imitant les parents.
    Svp gardez vos enfants près de vous au moment du brossage et de la SOIE DENTAIRE et faites en un jeux!! 😉

  3. Children should be given the time to ask questions so that they understand what is being done. With a patient dentist they will learn to trust them and understand the pain is only in fear. Most anxiety is because they don’t understand/or fear of the unknown. Speaking from experience….

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