Halloween Dental Tips!

Not all sweets are created equal when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy during Halloween, so find out which ones are better than others!

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Whether or not your kids are going trick or treating this year, we all know that they’ll be craving a little candy. And let’s face it– who can blame ‘em? Halloween’s the time to cut loose! But moderation is always key, and some sweets are better than others when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy.


Chocolate washes off the teeth rather easily compared to other kinds of candy. In fact, dark chocolate in particular can even benefit your teeth by producing antioxidants that weaken plaque production.

Sticky Candy

Candies that are gooey and sticky leave residue on the teeth, giving harmful acids a ton of leeway to do their dirty work. Be sure to rinse your mouth with water right after eating!

Hard Candy

Treats like lollipops tend to stay in the mouth longer and can erode tooth enamel. Best not to bite into them unless you want a chipped tooth!

Since teeth are in a vulnerable state after eating sugary treats, it’s best to hold off on brushing for around a half hour after snacking. No matter what kind of sweets the kiddos go for, remember that drinking plenty of water can help minimize tooth decay, so make sure they swish some H20 right after eating! 

Also, eating candy with a meal instead of on its own is way less harmful for your teeth, as the sugars are washed away more easily thanks to an increased flow of saliva.

And remember, there’s more to Halloween than just candy! CLICK HERE to check out all kinds of other ways the kiddos can celebrate, including virtual costume parties and so much more!

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